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Forever Flower for WBAT

New lily print in neon red on a golden background, with rich, deep blue detail.

I was feeling the need for opulence with the colours today.

This print is fresh off the print table!

Measuring approximately 25 x 28cm and printed to the edge of the paper, these are so new, they aren't even on my webshop yet!

If you're interested, there are currently 3 printed, priced at £40 each, including postage and the arts trail discount.

DM me to get a forever flower delivered to your home!

All work on my webshop is available with 10% discount* until midnight Monday 19th October, using code WBAT10. I will be posting up framed pieces and work that is not available via the webshop to the Virtual West Bristol Arts Trail on Facebook so don't forget to check it out this Saturday and Sunday!


(*on orders over £25, with free UK shipping)


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