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Thank you Totterdown!!!

Phew! What a weekend!!! It's been incredibly, incredibly manic, with footfall through the roof!!! So many brilliant conversations, so many great stories and what wonderful fun!

THANK YOU to everyone who made it to the @totterdownarttrail and through the doors of @amba_arthub

You were AMAZING!

To those of you who bought from me, shared stories with me and spent time appreciating what I do, it's so great to have you as part of this journey. Totterdown, stay aces!

To get over the weekend, I made the most of the sunshine on Monday. Following from the wonderful weekend, the sunshine felt so celebratory! After the school run, the last thing I wanted to do was to go inside, so instead I made a coffee, grabbed my sketchbook and headed to the harbour. Perching on the wall, I drew for a couple of hours in the bright morning sun. So, here is an on-location shot of my sketching in progress. Let me know whether you can recognise where I am?

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