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Neon Glow

Today is the last day of my residency at The Vestibules. It has been the most inspirational space to be in. I have reacted to my environment in ways I had not foreseen.

The architecture of City Hall and the Vestibules itself had an impact on me. I found these beautiful features to draw and react to.

Before my residency began, I thought that I would spend time out on College Green, drawing the day to day bustle of this busy, central location. I still wish to do this and explore the area in greater depth, but the opportunity to be within the walls of City Hall and visually record the architecture was what captured me over these two weeks.

Saying that, I did have the opportunity to experiment with new materials with a spot of observational drawing on College Green - on large sheets of neon perspex! Here are a few images of this work for you to see.

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