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Another Day Another Play

So, having finished my commission - woop woooop!!! - I am now having a spot of fun, playing!

Via a zoom workshop with Jess Buglar, I explored a spot of intaglio collograph. We all bought a small box with us to the zoom and made rubbings. Using this as a base, we used colour pencils to draw into the rubbing. Following the session, I spent a little time carving into the small box I had. It represents the lockdowns and some feelings I've experienced.

I have scratched four lines into each section of the box, representing my family and being confined within the same four walls, with no space. No head space/ physical space/ thinking space. No space to be, play or retreat.

Even though we all get on and enjoy being with each other, it was enormously difficult at times. I miss them all now that school has restarted, but I have the chance to rediscover my creative practice and begin to think about my business again. I conbined the intaglio collograph with some silkscreen marks and feel pretty happy with the result. I'm enjoying being exposed to new techniques, ways of thinking and creating. Thanks Jess!


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