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Music Room Musings

Week 2 of Remote Sketch Up Friday is this Friday!!!

Thanks to those who participated last week. These photographs will remain available on my blog for the forseeable - and life is a little bizarre at present - so sketch when you can. Anyone who wishes to, draw whenever suits and post up your efforts, tagging @amyhutchingsprints and #sketchupfriday on either instagram or facebook - or both!

This week's drawing location was also decided pre-lockdown. Due to the space to socially distance I had pre-chosen. . . (drum roll) the Music Room! It's a wonderful, bright gallery space, which leads from the vaulted hall in the south lawn gate house. It faces south, towards the (ahem) south lawn and - when the shutters are thrown open - is the most beautiful, bright space, with wonderful views of the countryside. There are over-sized, gothic fireplaces, parquet flooring, an incredible ceiling and carved wooden panels. Above the door is a stone carving - which brings the outside in - with it's depictions of deer and other wildlife found within the locality.

Apologies for the filter that I employed on some of these images - I was attempting to exaggerate the contrasts, which skews the colours somewhat. These are from my personal photos and were only ever reference for me. However, that said, there are some lovely images from when we celebrated Bristol City Council taking ownership of Ashton Court 60 years ago, a celebration that occured in September 2019. I've included a lovely image of 'war time' dancing, relating to the requisition of the mansion during WW2 by the War Office.

In absence of meeting on site, I hope that these photographs will enable you to experience the house in some form. If you would like to participate in this week's sketch session, choose your preferred vantage point and click on the image. It will enlarge and provide a little more information about the photograph.

It might be interesting to set yourself a time limit. We would usually have about 1.5 hours of drawing time during Sketch Up - perhaps see what you can achieve within a similar time frame? I also think it will be interesting to see whether your style changes - I find that my drawings become tighter when I am working from photographs as opposed to life. Do let me know how you find it and any differences you notice?

Please upload your drawings to Instagram or Facebook - or email them to me with any thoughts/ comments!


These images were never taken with the intention of providing working images, so please accept them as they are. I hope that they can prove useful and enable you to get sketching?

Friday 8th May is a bank holiday, so the next meet up is planned for 15th May. I will upload images of one of the upstairs rooms - which space is yet to be confirmed! .

I hope to draw beside you all again in the near future. Until then, virtual hugs and hand soap, Amy x

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