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Got that Friday Sketching Feeling. . .

It's almost Friday!!!! It's that time, to pick up a pen/ pencil/ paints - whatever you like to use - and draw some little seen nooks and crannies, found in Ashton Court Mansion!

So, here are this week's pics to inspire!

I REAAAAALLLY wanted to show you the windows, so they are kind of the bonus - as I did promise that I would provide images from the Vaulted Hall this week, which can be seen below:

It might be interesting to set yourself a time limit. We would usually have about 1.5 hours of drawing time during Sketch Up - perhaps see what you can achieve within a similar time frame? I also think it will be interesting to see whether your style changes - I find that my drawings become tighter when I am working from photographs as opposed to life. Do let me know how you find it and any differences you notice?

Please upload your drawings to Instagram or Facebook - or email them to me with any thoughts/ comments!

Instagram: @amyhutchingsprints and tag #sketchupfriday

Facebook: @amyhutchingsprints


These images were never taken with the intention of providing working images, so please accept them as they are. I hope that they can prove useful and enable you to get sketching?

I hope to draw beside you all again in the near future. Until then, virtual hugs and hand soap, Amy x

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