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Arts Mansion Residency Delay

Tomorrow was to be the first day of my artist residency at Ashton Court mansion. As with all of my contracts from March through to July, this has also been postponed.

Due to last until the end of June, I was really looking forward to intensive drawing time in this incredible space. As part of my residency, the #Sketchupfriday sessions were running and I was to deliver a week of workshops to local primary schools in conjunction with Historic England and Artspace Lifespace. I am most sad that this has been cancelled for this year as we had wonderful plans to inspire the students to engage with the space, it's history, observe and create!

The whole affair would have culminated in an exhibition and much excitement (I would have been squealing with joy all the way through the month)!

Despite the difficulties of homeschooling and having no head space/ physical space, I am setting myself the challenge to draw the patterns and prints that can be found in the mansion, using personal photographs from previous visits and the sketch up sessions.

I will endeavour to draw for fifteen minutes each day, with the aim to incorporate these patterns into future work of Ashton Court as well as personal projects.

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