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Smaller Worlds, Closer to Home

Hand-pulled print of an iris, drawn in my parents garden (whilst socially distant) during lockdown. This forms part of a new series of prints inspired by the 'smaller world', inhabited over this pandemic. Bringing it back to simpler values and the 'overlooked', with a renewed emphasis on nature and proximity. So wonderful to be back in the studio!!! Printing efforts today: Playing with colour and approach. Interested in subtraction/ addition of details. Also enjoying playing with negative and positive space. What do you think? Have you a favourite?

Can you See My Smile?

Back in the studio! It was fun, but weird. But fun!!! I'll go in again tomorrow. . . Need to add more layers to this iris and today I was using inks from previous projects - I wasn't sure how the layers would work. I'm going to mix some other colours tomorrow once I've figured it all out. The photographs show the process, from the mark resist imager, to the exposure room. Then through my thining in the sketchbook colour swatches to the beginnings of printing and work drying on the rack. Printing efforts today: I've enjoyed playing with colour and approach and exploring my Interest in subtraction/ addition of details. Also i've been enjoying playing with negative and positive space.

Finding Common Ground - First Steps

Finding Common Ground is the latest social engagement project on which I will be collaborating with Anna Haydock-Wilson. Anna is a social artist who specialises in producing arts and community activities and events to bring people together. Finding Common Ground will explore social and environmental realities. It is a collaboration, exploring the issues that link communities within cities and the messages we’d like to share with authorities to improve social equality. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project is currently being adapted for physical distancing restrictions. The initial stage of the project saw artists delivering a walk and talk to members of the public, with the intention of

Back to Print!

After a huge period of absence, Spike Print Studio is opening once more, to trial their new covid-19 safety measures. I have volunteered to go in and test the facilities and I cannot wait!!! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to be heading back - even if it is to test the covid-19 measures. Printing is my happy place and being part of the SPS community is important to me. I am looking forward to making a new screen, exposing new imagery to play with and being back in that environment. I have been working on an iris design. This is part of a new series of prints, exploring things a little closer to home, the direct result of being locked down. Below is the original drawing on squared pap

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