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A Passionate Flower

Finished just in time for the St Werburghs Virtual Art trail, which will run 26th - 27th September via Facebook. "A Passionate Flower" is a hand-pulled print originally drawn over lockdown. When our worlds got smaller, I found myself recording what was happening in my own back yard. This passion flower climbs the structure of the porch and ambles over the garage door. In the beautiful summer sun, it was a-buzz with activity, positively moving in the warmth of the day. I wanted to share some of the appreciation for the smaller things that I found during this time. This print is the first of drawings created over lockdown that I have developed. I hope that you like it? It is now available on m

Centrally Drawn Show ends

What an amazing fortnight I had during my artist's residency at The Vestibules, Bristol City Hall. Here are a few photographs of some of the work I produced. It was great having a space that was inspiration and rolling exhibition, creating work on site and adding to the display as I developed ideas and new lines of inquiry. I thoroughly enjoyed finding geometric shapes and architectural details around Bristol City Hall and the Vestibules, printing and drawing my environment. The features that I wished to highlight are part of the everyday environment for many, yet melt into the background. Floor tiles, light fittings and window shapes, along with metal railing designs and city iconography al

Neon Glow

Today is the last day of my residency at The Vestibules. It has been the most inspirational space to be in. I have reacted to my environment in ways I had not foreseen. The architecture of City Hall and the Vestibules itself had an impact on me. I found these beautiful features to draw and react to. Before my residency began, I thought that I would spend time out on College Green, drawing the day to day bustle of this busy, central location. I still wish to do this and explore the area in greater depth, but the opportunity to be within the walls of City Hall and visually record the architecture was what captured me over these two weeks. Saying that, I did have the opportunity to experiment w

Boys - Commission

Another lovely commission print project, this captures a special family memory. The original image was so evocative and atmospheric. The sun flattened all the colours and almost made the scene monochromatic. It was a challenge to capture the essence of the moment - one I enjoyed - and I was really pleased with the outcome. I'm happy to report that the family were also delighted! If you have a memory or special place that you would like me to create a bespoke artwork of, just email: or DM me.

Inspired by Inside

There are some amazing geometrics around City Hall. My art work explores the every day and overlooked, and during this residency I am reacting to stimuli found within the Park Street Vestibules and City Hall building. I wish to draw attention to shapes and patterns I find around me, echoing forms found in my environment that might otherwise be overlooked. I initially thought I would be recording the changes and movement outside on College Green and Park Street, however, City Hall itself was the most amazing space and I could not helped but be inspired by my surroundings. I am enjoying working in a new environment and embracing new inspirations. I have another week at this venue - I absolutel

HOME - Summer Commission

Commission for a birthday present of a family home in Barbados. This print was so wonderful to do! It transported me to hotter climes, I felt as though I was holidaying away from Bristol whilst I was drawing and printing it. If you have a special place or memory that you would like me to turn into a unique artwork for you, don't hesitate to get in touch. . . . #commissionedart #barbados #bajan #home #handdrawn #handpulled #uniqueart #silkscreenprint #ceruleansky #penandink #vibrantcolour #tropicalfeels #caribeancolors #amyhutchings #amyhutchingsprints #artforsalebyartist #commission #availableforcommission #bristolartist #worldwideshipping

Centrally Drawn - Artist Residency

I am super excited to announce that I have a residency starting this coming Monday 7th September at the Park Street end of the vestibules! During my residency I will be documenting the daily interactions in and around The Vestibules. ⁠Using the site of the Vestibules, I aim to document life on - and around - College Green. The internal and surrounding architecture; the daily movements of the people; how the space on and around the area is used will provide the inspiration for her project. ⁠ Large-scale mark-making will explore the interior architecture, and daily sketches on the windows will document and capture the scene outside. ⁠This exhibition will be curated daily during the residency,

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